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Cuomo on possible NY quarantine: ‘I don’t think it’s legal’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo goes on CNN to give his opinion of Trump’s idea to quaratine the New York ...

Civic Technology Can Help Stop a Pandemic

Tech philosopher Jaron Lanier explains in Foreign Affairs how the small and young but mighty democratic nation of Taiwan utilized ...

Feeling Powerless About Coronavirus? Join a Mutual-Aid Network

New York Times opinion writer Charlie Warzel profiles a mutual aid group in Massachusetts organized in response to the Coronavirus ...

MIT E-VENT | Emergency ventilator design toolbox

This MIT project is developing open source plans for a ventilator in response to the Coronavirus panedemic. A lack of ...

New 'Affordability Index' Shows How Far Money Goes in New York City

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer recently released a new digital “Affordability Index” to track the rising cost of housing, ...

Rethinking the Smart City

By Evgeny Morozov and Francesca Bria. Following the celebration of the “creative city” (as described by Richard Florida), the “smart ...

Seattle’s Compassionate Response to Fare Evasion

  Transit agencies often treat fare evasion with arrests and prosecution, but Seattle’s King County Metro is going with compassion ...

Seattle Flirts with ‘Municipal Socialism’ – POLITICO Magazine

SEATTLE—On an overcast morning in early April, three members of the Seattle City Council arrived to find their cavernous, titanium- ...

‘This Is A Big Deal’: New York Hails Ventilator Deliveries From China And Oregon : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR

New York State will be receiving 1,000 ventilators from the Chinese government on Saturday after the US federal government has ...

Your Neighborhood Might Be a Coronavirus Hot Spot, but New York City Refuses to Release the Data

Intrepid ProPublica muckracker Justin Elliott examines the lack of data New York City is releasing about Coronavirus cases. His main ...