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Doing what government should.


We envision an open and engaging city government that efficiently delivers services to its residents and provides leadership to its region.

Searchable Safety Net

Most US cities have a 2-1-1 system that offers a complete list of all government and nonprofit health, human and social services available in the area. NYC doesn’t, and we suffer everyday because of that.

Digital Government

All over the world people are identifying best practices for how to use digital technologies to make government more open, engaging and effective. We’re doing our best to bring those practices to NYC.

Regional Leadership

NYC can’t effectively tackle issues like transit, housing and employment without improving our 23-million-person region’s ability to coordinate. We’re exploring how to improve that coordination.


We build information management tools to advance our advocacy campaigns.

Capital Project Directory

NYC’s capital budget in a friendly, interactive database.

Services API

NYC’s social services in an open format and accessible via RESTAPI.

Laws on Your Phone

NYC’s charter, code, and rules on a modern, mobile-friendly platform.


We build community by curating news, knowledge and networking opportunities for people who want NYC government to be as exceptional as its residents.



We make knowledge directories and APIs.

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Our Next Tool: The Action App!

Hold city agencies accountable with the Action App!

Report placard abuse, idling trucks, capital project progress and more!

Have ideas about what we other issues we should tackle or features we should develop?

Let us know.

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