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Let’s make New York City’s government the world’s best.

We’re an open community using appropriate technologies to improve NYC and transform city agencies into 21st century institutions.


Databook combines dozens of open datasets to help people better understand New York City’s government.

Capital Projects

A page for every NYC-funded infrastructure project.

City Agencies

Data-driven profiles of every NYC government agency.


Find your districts and see data about Community Boards, Council Districts and Neighborhoods.

Civil Service Titles

Learn more about the system of titles that define the roles, positions and pay of NYC’s civil servants.

As Seen In

Other Projects

We provide technical and financial support to projects that align with our values.

Civic Tech Guide

Crowdsourced, global collection of tech for good tools and projects.

Reported App

Submit feedback about NYC taxis in 30 seconds directly to TLC & NYC 311.

MANYC Resources

Community-sourced, volunteer-curated library of social service resources available to New Yorkers


An archive of the website for the Commission on Public Information and Communications

Get Involved

WeGov is an open community that welcomes new people and projects.

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