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Databook Update 7: The City Record Online Remix

New York City’s “City Record” is the official “journal” where city agencies publish news and event information. This info includes public hearings, procurement announcements, contract awards, rule changes, auctions, personnel changes and more.

We’ve used the city’s open data version, which is updated daily, to integrate The City Record’s contents into the WeGov data system, enabling us to integrate it with the 25+ data sets we already display on Agency Profiles.

Now you can view all of an agencies CIty Record news and events on that agency’s profile. You can also subscribe to that information using the RSS and ICS/iCal feeds we provide for each agency.

We also built a front end for the City Record with a few new features. You can now see how many new items are in each of the City Record’s sections, get RSS and iCAL feeds of all items, and even browse detailed information from auctions of city property.

We hope you enjoy this update and please let us know if you have any ideas for how we can improve any of our products.

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