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We’re aggregating, organizing and uploading various city datasets to build a transparency application that allows us to understand what the city is doing.

Are we missing interesting data? Propose that we include it.

Interested in our all-volunteer data team? Connect with us.

Data Source

Our software can take data directly from New York City’s Socrata Open Data Portal (as we do with the Greenbook data), or from AirTables that we fill with city data (either directly from the city or scraped from city-produced PDFs).

The data sources that we’ve imported, as well as the one’s we’re evaluating, are below.

Data Sets

You can also see (and download) the latest datasets that we’ve pulled into our app. If you wanted to create your own WeGov system, you could do so by copying our AirTables and filling them with your own data, deploying our open source code, and performing a sync. Let us know how it goes!