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Some people want more government, others want less, but everyone wants our government agencies to do better by providing us more with more high quality projects (ex. infrastructure) and services (ex. fire department) for less cost and in less time.

We believe that a path to a more effective NYC government requires two things:

  • Transparency so the public can see how government turns taxpayer money into projects and services..
  • Participation so the public can direct the government’s actions and holding it accountable.



Just because government is complicated, doesn’t mean we can’t understand it well enough to figure out how to improve it.


Using data from and about government, we’ve building an app that shows you how NYC’s government uses resources to fund people who produce outcomes in service of constituents.

Our goal is to make it fun – like Sim City but it real time, powered by real data, and prompting users to offer real (and really useful) feedback.

Check out our “Data App” to learn more.



Understanding New York City’s government isn’t very useful unless we can also influence its actions. Currently, our mechanisms for civic participation are fragmented and limited. We vote, petition and attend community meetings, and some of us live in districts with limited participatory budgeting programs, but that’s not enough.

There are places around the world that do a much better mobilizing the public’s collective intelligence to make government work faster, better and cheaper. Places such as Taiwan, Madrid, Reykjavik and Rojava have all developed¬† process where the public comes to rough consensus about what the government should do – and then the government does it.

We’re working with partners in NYC and around the world to test out participatory practices that will give New Yorkers more control over their government.

Check out our “Conversations App” to learn more.