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CBDB Training Videos

Welcome to the CBDB Training Course!

The Community Board Database (CBDB) Project is a collaboration between BetaNYC, Sarapis and the Manhattan Borough President’s Office with the purpose of delivering issue tracking and constituent relationship management (CRM) tools to New York City Community Boards.

This course is designed as a supplement for the Community Boards that have enrolled in the CBDB program through BetaNYC. Learn how to do that here.

The goals of this course is to give you and your team the information they need to use the CBDB Airtable Template to effectively manage information related to your Community Board.

There are three major sections:

  • Data Basics explains what data is, how it’s structured and how standards emerge.
  • DIY Databases explains the technology we’re using and offers a training in the Airtable tool.
  • Airtable for NYC Community Boards explains the template we’ve developed for NYC Community Boards and how they can best use it.

All our course material is open to the public because we love open source and working in the public interest.

Click on the “Curriculum” tab to see our materials.



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Devin is passionate about training people how to use new technologies to transform their organizations.