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Databook Update 5: Interactive Citywide Agency Organization Chart & More!

We’re constantly adding and refining Databook features.

For this one, we focused on improving the organization browsing experience and adding functionality to our districts section.


  • NYC Citywide Organization Chart: the interactive, hierarchical organizational chart shows the relationship between city officials and agencies. Click and drag to move the chart. Click on an entity to see its Databook profile.
  • All Organizations: a table view of all organizations in Databook (over 1000) with a column showing the number of datasets to which that organization is linked.


  • Address Search: type in an address to see all its districts with links out to internal and external pages.
  • Links to Community Board: After submitting your address, click the link to your Community Board to go to its website. There’s no easier way to find your CB and go to it’s website!
  • District Links: We added direct links from Community District to their Population Factfinder profiles.

Expect more updates next month!