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This site is not affiliated with NYC government.

March 30th: Improving NYC with Airtable

Airtable is a “spreadbase” that combines the ease-of-use of a spreadsheet with the power of a custom, relational database.

We’ve seen how people can use Airtable to modernize information management processes within government agencies and other large organizations and want more people working in and around NYC government to use it!

As such, we’re offering a free, one hour, Airtable workshop for people working to improve NYC.

The training is scheduled for Tuesday March 30th at 4PM and will be conducted via Google Meet.

The basic agenda of the workshops is:

  • An introduction to the “spreadbase” concept
  • Basic training on Airtable using a real-world use case
  • How to use Airtable to prototype custom software
  • Airtable Community Q&A

This training is open to anyone, but our preference is for people who live in NYC and either:

  • work in NYC or NYS government
  • work at nonprofits in NYC
  • have a #civictech or community project that improves NYC

This workshop will be modelled after previous workshops we’ve done for OReilly Media and NYC Open Data Week.

This workshop is a nonprofit program of WeGovNYC and is not associated with the company that makes Airtable.